ripple 440

The Outwell “Ripple” range of awnings reflects innovative approach and a bright style.

The new Ripple awnings use a fuss-free Smart Air inflatable technology and offer a 2.5m depth of versatile extra living space. These appeal to discerning caravan owners looking for a slightly smaller awning yet appreciate ease of use and superlative long lasting materials.

The Ripple uses our Outtex® HD embossed Taslon fabric, and has additional features such as the innovative Pole-free Seal System that provides a tight, safe connection to the caravan.

Available in 3 sizes, the Ripple 320SA, Ripple 380SA and the Ripple 440SA (as shown above)



Insect screen mesh panels

Included in all Australian Outwell awnings and allowing fresh air to flow through as required, the insect-proof mesh makes sure that irritating biting visitors are excluded. The mesh door can be opened in various ways, including part opened to match the side door or fully opened and removed for the full-on outdoor experience.


Pole free seal system

The Pole-free Seal System easily and quickly provides a tight connection between the awning and the caravan without resorting to poles that can damage a caravan wall. An integral padded beam is held against the caravan by an adjustable tape that is pegged out and tensioned.


Removable front panel

The removable fronts allow the living space to integrate with the surroundings for the full outdoor experience. When closed, large tinted windows protect from the sun’s glare while allowing great views out and maintaining privacy.

advanced air

Advanced Air system

As a key element of our Air System technology, this offers one easily inflated frame of interconnected tubes with isolation valves that help maintain structural stability and frame integrity in the unlikely case of tube damage.

high pressure pump

Outwell one-go inflation technology

Outwell One-go Inflation Technology is an inspired innovation that allows campers to plug a super-efficient pump into a single inlet valve and speedily inflate the largest of awnings – plug in, pump and go!


Roof Lining








Ripple Annexe Air

ripple annexe air







Ripple Annexe Sleep

ripple annexe sleep