Fit a Dorema awning to an Australian caravan

Apart from supply and service to current European caravan owners and to ensure everyone in Australia is able to use a Dorema awning we have designed a rail system for fitting a European awning to Australian made caravans.

This gives the opportunity to a larger caravan population the capability of fitting one of our Dorema Awnings.

As some people may be aware European caravans are fitted with a built in sail rail to accommodate Euro style awnings, we now have access to a pliable alloy sail rail system that may be fitted to any make of caravan including Pop Tops, RV’s and even 5th wheel caravans ( special order due to additional height factors )

Sail Rail

Since starting this concept there have been a great number of Dorema awnings we have fitted to restored older style caravans, 5th wheelers and pop-tops around Australia. This gives them a cost advantage over locally manufactured awnings and a stunning European look when erected.
Easily fitted by either by yourself or any caravan workshop, the kit comes with instructions and all the hardware needed to complete the job.
Please have a chat to Keith on 0423 762 248 or contact us as every caravan is different so although an inexpensive fit one price does not fit all!